Fixing keyboard layouts on macOS over remote desktop

Get the ~ key back when you're remoting into a Mac using NoMachine, and the Mac has an ISO keyboard layout.
June Rhodes posted on Nov 21, 2020

I was supporting a customer recently where their Mac laptop had a physical ISO keyboard layout, and because of this the essential ~ key on my ANSI keyboard didn’t map correctly. None of the built-in keyboard layouts in macOS fixed the issue, so I put together a custom keyboard layout to resolve the issue.

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Redirecting arbitrary UClasses

A hack which lets you replace any UClass implementation with any other implementation (without CoreRedirects).
June Rhodes posted on Oct 29, 2020

Sometimes you really need to redirect a UClass implementation, and CoreRedirects aren’t enough. In my case, I needed to redirect the UOnlineEngineInterface implementation, even though the path is hard coded within the engine.

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Circularly referenced lambdas in C++

A handy C++ header that lets you create lambdas that reference each other.
June Rhodes posted on Oct 22, 2020

I decided to start up a new Redpoint Games blog as I wanted somewhere to put all the esoteric and weird Unreal Engine knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the past year.

Without further ado, here is how to make circularly referenced lambdas in C++; that is, lambdas that reference each other or themselves.

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