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Automating Lightmapping in Unreal Engine 4.18

If you want to know how to build lightmaps for all maps in an Unreal Engine 4.18, and you want to do it from the command line (for example, on your build server), this article documents how to do it.

Introducing pkgsign: package signing and verification for npm

Right now, every package you download from npm is unsigned. That means you could download what you intend to one minute, and the next minute be served a compromised package with the exact same name.

Interesting statistics on Dimension Jump

In Dimension Jump, we keep a log of all deaths and successes in the game. In this article, I’m going to do an overview of some of the recent game statistics.

Dimension Jump v1.2 and 50% off for Steam Winter Sale

We’ve just released Dimension Jump 1.2. This is a bug fix release that aims to fix issues players were experiencing on the level select screen.

Using Webpack and TypeScript with ASP.NET Core 2

When we wanted to start using TypeScript and Webpack with JamHost, the Internet was pretty scarce on how to get everything working together seamlessly. This guide will cover everything you need to know and do in order to get Webpack and Typescript working with an ASP.NET Core 2 project.

Sunsetting Protogame

For many years we used MonoGame as our development tool of choice when it came to making games. Over that time we built an extensive framework called Protogame, which enabled developers to work against higher level APIs than what MonoGame traditionally provided. These higher level APIs enabled 3D deferred rendering and the development of multiplayer games.



Dimension Jump

Dimension Jump is a precision puzzle platformer, where you don't just jump between platforms, you jump between dimensions!

CatTube Famous

A card game about releasing cat videos and becoming the next CatTube celebrity!


In Development

Minute of Mayhem

Cooperate with up to 4-players and race against the clock in this fast-paced first-person shooter.


What we do

Using a new collective team structure, we aim to deliver a diverse range of digital and physical games.

Flexible teams

Our collective is structured to give teams the maximum control over their projects, while the directors handle the day-to-day operations of running a company.

Open to all

We accept team and member applications from game developers of all backgrounds. By joining Redpoint, your team gains access to neat benefits.



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