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Gross revenue share now supported in HiveMP

You can now use HiveMP to calculate revenue share based on gross income. This is designed for game developers who need to pay royalties based on gross amounts (such as Unreal Engine’s 5% royalty).

HiveMP SDK 1.3.17 now available

This week we’re releasing the HiveMP SDK 1.3 series, which brings support for Unreal Engine 4.18 and Unity 2017.3.

HiveMP SDK now supported on BlueprintUE

We’re proud to announce that the HiveMP SDK is now supported on BlueprintUE, the pastebin for Unreal Engine 4 developers.

New Scheduling API available in HiveMP

HiveMP now offers a REST-based scheduling API, which you can use to schedule callbacks to HTTPS endpoints at certain times.

pkgsign 0.1.3 now available

We’re now releasing pkgsign 0.1.3, which consists of bug fixes for all platforms.

Billing and revenue share system updates in HiveMP

Over the past few months we’ve been focusing on finalising the billing system for HiveMP, and we’ve just realised some minor updates to the Revenue Share product.



Dimension Jump

Dimension Jump is a precision puzzle platformer, where you don't just jump between platforms, you jump between dimensions!

CatTube Famous

A card game about releasing cat videos and becoming the next CatTube celebrity!


In Development

Minute of Mayhem

Minute of Mayhem is a frantic free-to-play first person shooter where each round lasts only 60 seconds!


What we do

Using a new collective team structure, we aim to deliver a diverse range of digital and physical games.

Flexible teams

Our collective is structured to give teams the maximum control over their projects, while the directors handle the day-to-day operations of running a company.

Open to all

We accept team and member applications from game developers of all backgrounds. By joining Redpoint, your team gains access to neat benefits.



Liam Alkamraikhi

Art Director

Josh Harvey

Creative Director

June Rhodes

Technical Director

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For all enquiries, please email Josh Harvey ([email protected]).