Redpoint Games is a new kind of game development collective.

Backed with a private company and a highly flexible publishing system, we aim to deliver a diverse range of digital and physical games. Our unique structure gives members the ability to work with who they want - inside or outside of Redpoint Games - with revenue going to the developers of the project.

In 2015, we ran a Kickstarter to develop and release CatTube Famous, a card game about releasing cat videos on the Internet. In 2017, we released Dimension Jump on Steam, a 2D puzzle platformer where you don't just jump betwen platforms, you jump between dimensions!

We're currently working on our third title, Minute of Mayhem, a frantic free-to-play first person shooter where each round lasts only 60 seconds!

We also develop and operate HiveMP, the cloud gaming service for game developers. With HiveMP, we offer a variety of cloud-based solutions for game developers, including online multiplayer hosting, financial tools such as revenue share calculators and analytics products.